Our Story

Hi There,

My name is Amrit Sandhu and I am the CEO of Royal Jewels Sydney. My love and passion for Jewellery started at a very early age. Being born and raised in India, fine Jewellery played an important role in my life. In our culture, like the rest of the world Jewellery is believed to express prosperity, wealth and power.

As I grew older, my passion and interest in the finer pieces kept growing and I started designing my own pieces. To fuel my passion, I started researching more into it and how Jewellery evolved in different cultures in the past 7,000 years. My passion for Jewellery grew to another level after I became a mum, because now it wasn't just about me when creating those pieces. I was also thinking of my kids as I will hand these down to them one day. The thought that my daughter will grow up wearing some of my Jewellery just made me happy and proud. And that was the main reason why I felt the need of turning my passion and love for Jewellery into a business and share the joy of wearing statement pieces with my clients.

My aim is to design statement and unique Jewellery pieces that will adorn your beauty and elegance further. I hope you enjoy wearing it as much as I enjoyed creating it.